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200 East Main Street
Solon, IA, 52333

Al Wells 319.400.2908


DIRECTIONS:      PALMER HOUSE STABLE is located at 200 East Main St. in Solon Iowa 52333, about 9 miles north of Iowa City/University of Iowa and approximately 19 miles south east of Cedar Rapids.

FROM Iowa City:

•      Take Highway 1 North

•      As you enter Solon turn LEFT on East Main Street.

•      Look to the right (North) one block from the HWY 1 and East Main intersection.

            200 East Main Street

FROM Cedar Rapids:

•      Take I-380 S

•      Take exit 10 toward Shueyville east on 120th Street NE.

•      Stay on 120th Street T intersection and stop sign.

•      Turn right south on Ely Rd.

•      Turn left onto Route 382/County Rd F16

•      Continue onto W Main St.

•      Turn left onto N Dubuque St Destination will be on the corner of East Main Street and 102 N Dubuque St Solon, IA 52333

FROM Mt Vernon:

•      Take HWY 1 south.

•      As you enter Solon turn RIGHT on East Main Street.

•      Take the 1st Right onto N Dubuque St.