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Palmer House Stable  is a refined-rustic wedding and event venue in Solon, IA, we are the area's leading rustic venue serving Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, the Quad Cities, Dubuque, Iowa City and surrounding areas since fall 2013. This year on September 21 2019 the Stable celebrated our 200th wedding and reception and we look forward to the next 200!!

We specialize and exceed in customer service and going way beyond to assure that your family and guests have an experience they will be talking about long after the last toast. As a rustic weddings & receptions venue, we offer indoor and outdoor event space, tables, chairs and unique overnight accommodations. Wedding parties can do all their events at one place from engagement pictures, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception with no set time to stop along with a Sunday brunch and gift opening!

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Al Wells

Built in 1838 Re-Established in 2013, 181 years old

The Stable was built before: 

Before Iowa was a State

Before our territorial capital was Burlington

Before our eighth president (Martin Van Buren) was in office

Before the Civil War (1861-1865)

Before most of western Indian wars

Before the birth of Buffalo Bill Cody

Before the California Gold Rush

Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

And Built after:

After Davey Crockett fought at the Alamo

After when most rural Americans lived in either Log Cabins or Sod Houses

Built in 1838 using stone taken from a nearby quarry, the Palmer House Stable originally was used as a grain mill, but nearby residents complained about the noise it created and the building was converted to a livery stable. Horses in the lower level carriages on the main.

The Palmer House Stable predates the Palmer House Hotel by 15 years. The nearby hotel was erected in 1855 by Connecticut natives Charles and Cynthia Palmer along Highway 1 and Main Street where the BP gas station now stands. Acting as a stagecoach stop and hotel with 16 rooms, the Palmer House Hotel allegedly housed some notable characters including Buffalo Bill Cody, according to documents from the Iowa State Historical Society.

Keeping up with the times, the stable building was converted in 1917 to house rental automobiles. In 1959, the Palmer House Hotel was torn down after standing for 106 years.

Solon resident Bob Morris operated a small gas station on the Stable property directly in front of the Stable for 40 years before closing the service station in 1999.

In 2007 Al Wells came upon a stone stable in Solon Iowa encrusted in vines and weeds and barely visible from the over growth. The window openings were aged plywood some cut to the openings others missing altogether. The building was full of used old tires, oil barrels and numerous types of animal waste.

Al had a vision to restore this 181 year old structure back to life with authentic original finishes to compliment the rustic stone and large exposed timbers still in place with wood pegs.

In 2013 he was confronted by a couple who asked if they could have their wedding ceremony and reception Al gave them a price and they wrote a check and so was the dawning of Palmer House Stable Iowa’s #1 rustic authentic and original venue.


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